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Stones Impromptu Jam Session at Fundraiser

Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger Hold Exclusive Charity Dinner in Honor of the Kabbalah Centre

Spiritual Fundraiser Turns Into Monumental Impromptu Jam Session with Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood and Former Member Bill Wyman Joining Jagger and Eurythmics Band Member Dave Stewart and Musician/Composer Michael Kamen

 Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger
Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger at Kabbalah
Centre Fundraiser, London's Harrington Club,
10/29/00, Photo by Patty Clapton
November 7, 2000 – What was slated to be an evening of charity, dinner and support turned out to be a magical musical evening on Sunday, Oct. 29, at London's Harrington Club when Mick Jagger and his current and former Rolling Stones buddies, Ronnie Wood and Bill Wyman respectively, were joined onstage by Eurythmics band member Dave Stewart and award-winning pianist/composer Michael Kamen for a once-in-a-lifetime jam session in honor of the Kabbalah Centre. It was Jagger on vocals, Ronnie Wood on percussion, Bill Wyman on bass, Dave Stewart on guitar and Michael Kamen on keyboards. The scene was truly Rock and Roll Hall of Fame material with the reunion of Jagger, Wood and Wyman playing together.

The music began right after dinner when Jagger's brother and band started to raise the tempo with the sound of dueling guitars, a violin, percussion and vocals. Jagger and Hall took to the dance floor and their guests followed suit.

"Out of the blue, Mick joined his brother on the mike for a bout of musical sparring," exclaimed one of the evening's attendees. "It was electrifying to be in that room. The Jagger brothers were swaying back and forth in true Jagger style rocking in family harmony, when Ronnie Wood asked if he could cut in and add his own guitar licks. Then, Bill Wyman stepped up on the bass, and it became a legendary moment as these three rock greats who have not played together in years recreated that Rolling Stone spark. And if that wasn't enough, Dave Stewart joined in on guitar and the incomparable Michael Kamen brought in the keyboards to make it one historic musical event. It was amazing," he added.

"The room was filled with so much energy and excitement," a Kabbalah Centre student said. "Everyone was singing and dancing and having a great time. It was one of the those incredible moments in life."

This special event was organized by Jagger and his former wife and model turned stage actress, Jerry Hall, as a tribute to their spiritual center and in appreciation for Kabbalist Rav Berg, dean and director of the Kabbalah Centre and his wife, Karen. Jagger and Hall hosted the evening at Jo and Ronnie Wood's new Harrington club, which included a specially prepared kosher dinner in addition to the spontaneous musical treat for over 70 of their friends. The guest list included Patty Clapton (former wife of Eric Clapton and George Harrison) who was the evening's photographer, Princess Helena, Annabel Brooks and James Deardon, Normandie and Lucas White, Amadea West, Sabrina Guinness, and Kay Saatchi.

Eliyahu Yardeni
Kabbalah teacher, Eliyahu
Yardeni, at the Kabbalah
Centre fundraiser, London's
Harrington Club, 10/29/00
Photo by Patty Clapton
At the beginning of the dinner, Jagger thanked his guests for their support of the Kabbalah Centre and gave a special acknowledgment to Hall for working so hard in organizing the elaborate affair while performing as Mrs. Robinson in the current blockbuster London stage play, "The Graduate," seven times per week. Jagger went on to deliver heartfelt words about how Kabbalah has greatly improved his life.

It was Hall who introduced this spiritual philosophy to Jagger. Hall, herself, was introduced to Kabbalah over a year ago during a visit to the United States when one of her close friends brought her to the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles. At the Centre, she began her studies with teacher Eitan Yardeni, whose roster of celebrity students includes pop icon, Madonna. Hall continued her learning upon her return to London, where she began studying under Eitan's brother, Eliayahu Yardeni. Shortly thereafter, she introduced Jagger to the Kabbalah Centre. Jagger has been a student for over a year.

Hall also attested to the influence of Kabbalah in her life. As she addressed her guests, she spoke about how her life was changed through Kabbalah and its wisdom, and how she and Mick wanted to share these teachings with their friends. She also stated that both she and Jagger wanted to raise money for the Centre so that other people could benefit from the wisdom and find fulfillment in their lives. Hall was emotionally moved as she spoke about the blessings and benefits that she had received from the Centre.

"The warmth felt throughout the whole evening reflects the love Mick and Jerry have for people. The effort they put into organizing such a tremendous evening resulted in such a memorable event of spiritual and musical enlightenment," said Kabbalist Rav Berg, the dean and director of the Kabbalah Centre.

The Kabbalah Centre upholds the 4,000 year-old teachings of the Kabbalah, which focuses on the meaning of life and the spiritual laws of the universe. The Kabbalah Centre was established 78 years ago in 1922 in Jerusalem. Today with its headquarters in Los Angeles, the Kabbalah Centre has reached over 3.4 million people at 39 centers around the world. More than half of these students are non-Jewish indicating the continuous growth and appeal of the teachings.

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