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Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit Issues Another (Lame) Statement

In Response to the Ongoing Feud with Creed that Began at the K-Rock Festival

July 21, 2000 – Durst: "So far Creed has responded to anything other than what I said about them. Obviously, I must be right. Creed should take a hint and spend more time signing autographs than writing about me. The boxing match sounds like fun, but I'd rather not resort to violence. Besides, I'm busy doing a free tour for my fans." Fred's free tour, however, is reportedly having trouble getting off the ground.

This latest statement is in response to the ongoing feud that began at the K-Rock Dysfunctional Family Picnic 4.0, Friday, June 23, 2000 – the optimal word here being "dysfunctional." After learning that Creed (and not Limp Bizkit) were slotted as the final headlining act for the night, Durst refused to perform on schedule (he delayed the event an hour). When Durst and company finally took the stage, he went on to make immature remarks to the audience about Creed lead singer Scott Stapp, saying, "I want to dedicate this next song to the lead singer of Creed.... That guy is an egomaniac.... He's a fucking punk and he's backstage right now acting like fucking Michael Jackson. Fuck that motherfucker and fuck you too. And if you want there's going to be a booth with pillows and blankets for when Creed comes on."

Stone Temple Pilots, whose set was pushed back by the delay, were the first to strike back at Durst. Lead singer Scott Weiland thanked the crowd for attending K-Rock's DFP 4.0 and added, "You guys are the ones that take the day off from work. You guys are the ones who spend the money on the tickets. You guys are the ones who drive around here from all these states from within the vicinity and you know what? It ain't fuckin' cool to keep people waiting an hour for a fucking show no matter what!"

Creed closed the festival giving lead singer Scott Stapp the last word, at least for the night. "It takes a lot more guts to say something to somebody than from behind their backs," Stapp told the sold-out PNC Bank Arts Center crowd.

Monday, June 26, 2000, Durst slammed the singer further during a visit to MTV's "Total Request Live." He also released the following statement that day: "What I said about Creed I meant. The starting time of our New York show had nothing to do with my comments. I bet some fans who have tried to meet them would agree [with me]. I don't ever care about what other people in the business say. Our fans know what we're about and that's all that matters to me."

Tuesday, June 26, 2000, Creed released the following statement: "We are extremely disappointed that Fred Durst has taken his personal feelings towards us public, considering we have never met or spoken to him. We are more disappointed that Fred is manipulating the media and the truth by using Creed as a scapegoat for his own immature and egotistical actions. Reports have falsely claimed that Fred was stuck in traffic, which caused fans to wait an hour at K-Rock's Dysfunctional Family Picnic. In fact, Fred arrived and was very angry with the scheduled lineup due to the fact that Limp Bizkit was performing before nightfall and before Creed. He then refused to go on stage causing management from K-Rock, Creed, Stone Temple Pilots and Ozzy Osbourne to spend nearly an hour trying to figure out how to get Limp Bizkit to take the stage. Fred finally agreed to play only after he 'finished his dinner,' having accomplished his obvious goal of delaying his set. We don't appreciate Fred's treatment of Creed, the other artists on the bill, K-Rock, the radio station that has supported Creed, the fans, nor do we appreciate his disregard for the truth. Furthermore, we don't appreciate his lack of responsibility for his own actions, and his attempts to deflect blame with criticism of us and our fans."

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