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KISS Introduce Their Latest Merchandising Endeavor:
The KISS Kasket

Selling at a Funeral Home Near You

June 14, 2001 – Junk marketers extraordinare, KISS, have introduced their latest product for fans to blow their hard-earned money on: A KISS Kasket.

KISS, the legendary rock band, who have sold over 80 million albums, broken every box-office record worldwide and stand behind the Beatles in the number of gold records by any group in history, are also the music industry's all-time merchandising and licensing leaders. Selling everything from intimate leather apparel to party cruises, the band's 2,500 licensed products have accumulated over half a billion dollars in revenue for the chaps.

Their latest item, the KISS Kasket is covered with a laminated photo-mural that features the KISS logo and images of the band members. The words "KISS Forever" are imprinted on the side of the casket. And as if it couldn't get any better than that, the KISS Kasket is waterproof and can be used as a cooler, for ice-cold beer and soda.

"This is the ultimate KISS collectible," said Gene Simmons. "I love livin', but this makes the alternative look pretty damn good."

If you must know, it's available at and a funeral home near you.

More KISS:

  • June 26, 2000 - Two-Day KISS Auction Concludes with a Total Nearing $2 Million

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