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Since NY Rock’s inception, this Welcome Page has served as a platform for everything from airing various private vendettas to spewing out diatribes on the state of the planet at large. I wish to make it clear once and for all that such frivolous behavior will no longer be tolerated and that I’ve personally stepped in to put a decisive end to it. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m the publisher, Hugh Hefner.

You may have wondered why so many Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra sites have had the sails knocked out of them by Playboy’s battery of lawyers while NY Rock seems to be able to coast along blatantly exploiting their images. Now you know – it’s because I own the cyberzine, ha, ha. I must admit, while I sit here in my pajamas stuffing my pipe with yet another wad of tobacco, I do get a vicarious thrill over the power that these lawyers yield and my ability to run a Web site that is litigation-free while being chockfull of Jenny and Carmen graphics.

Am I Loved or What?

As I was saying, this installment of the Welcome Page signals a turnabout of sorts. The page's original intention (to introduce and explain NY Rock) has been clouded in a haze of personal agendas. I am here to bring it back to its former glory as a sober and definitive explanation of the site’s contents. Before I do, however, I must beg your indulgence and let you know what a difficult task this is to accomplish when you have a mansion full of 19-year-old blondes vying for your attention at every given hour of the day.

All this notwithstanding, let me say that is a new breed of music magazine. We provide feature articles and reviews on regional and international acts, all with sound clips included so viewers can listen to the artists that they’re reading about. We also do profiles of up-and-coming bands. In addition, you’ll find movie reviews and travel pieces because, basically, we like to go to the movies and travel a lot. (The Bunnies get restless without the occasional jaunt on the Hefner Lear Jet.)

Our content constantly changes (to view former front pages, see NY Rock Gallery), so I would advise you to stop back often. I should also mention that we feature a free Bulletin Board and, of course, Confidential written by the ever ebullient diva of Downtown NYC, Didi Delicious.

I now leave you to explore the rest of the site on your own. Check out some of our features and reviews (we've got stories on artists and celebrities such as David Bowie, U2, Marilyn Manson, NY Loose, Mary Blige, Howard Stern, etc.). It’s time for my 2:00 pedicure to be performed by Bunnies #37B and #58A and then my 3:00 body massage to be administered by Miss July. As you can see, I have a very hectic schedule so I hope you appreciate my taking the time to greet you personally, as I appreciate your stopping by the mansion for this brief but pleasurable tête-à-tête.

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